Section 40:69A-60.6 - Powers and duties of aides, Section 40:69A-60.7 - City of first class under Mayor-Council Plan C; police chief; appointment; term of office; removal, Section 40:69A-67.1 - Municipality with Mayor-Council Plan D; housing counsellor; duties, Section 40:69A-67.2 - Appointment; removal; salary, Section 40:69A-82 - Government by elected council and appointed manager and other officers and employees, Section 40:69A-83.1 - Council-manager plan; charter provision; regular municipal or general election; term of office, Section 40:69A-83.2 - Election at large or by wards, Section 40:69A-83.3 - Terms of first council members, Section 40:69A-86 - Mayor; election by council or by voters; charter provision, Section 40:69A-88 - Powers of municipality vested in council; exceptions, Section 40:69A-89 - Appointment of municipal manager and clerk and others, Section 40:69A-90 - Departments, boards and offices; deputy manager, Section 40:69A-91 - Municipal council to act as a body; administrative service to be performed through manager; committees or commissions, Section 40:69A-92 - Qualifications of municipal manager, Section 40:69A-93 - Term of municipal manager; removal; suspension, Section 40:69A-94 - Absence or disability of manager, Section 40:69A-95 - Powers and duties of manager, Section 40:69A-96 - Budget; preparation by manager, Section 40:69A-97 - Submission of budget to council, Section 40:69A-97.1 - Council-manager plan deadline, Section 40:69A-98 - Laws conferring powers upon mayor or other executive head construed as meaning municipal manager, Section 40:69A-115 - Adoption by municipalities under 12,000; applicable laws, Section 40:69A-116 - Government by elected council and mayor and appointed officers, Section 40:69A-117 - Composition of council, Section 40:69A-117.1 - Small municipality plan; members of council; election at regular municipal or general election, Section 40:69A-117.2 - First members of council; terms of office, Section 40:69A-117.3 - Mayor; election by council or by voters; charter provision, Section 40:69A-120 - Legislative power; quorum; mayor's duties; president of council, Section 40:69A-121 - Executive power; mayor's duties, Section 40:69A-122 - Assessor; tax collector; attorney; clerk; treasurer; other officers; appointment, Section 40:69A-123 - Finance committee and other committees of council, Section 40:69A-124 - Appointment of officers and employees by mayor, Section 40:69A-125 - Residence in municipality not required, Section 40:69A-127 - Duties of municipal clerk, Section 40:69A-130 - Disbursement of municipal funds, Section 40:69A-131 - Tax collector; duties, Section 40:69A-132 - Bond of treasurer and collector, Section 40:69A-149.1 - Adoption by voters; applicable laws, Section 40:69A-149.2 - Government by elected mayor and council, and appointed municipal administrator and other officers and employees, Section 40:69A-149.3 - Council; composition; mayor and councilmen; election; terms of office, Section 40:69A-149.4 - Election at large; terms of office of first elected, Section 40:69A-149.5 - Council; legislative power; status of mayor; quorum; president; special meetings, Section 40:69A-149.6 - Mayor; powers and duties, Section 40:69A-149.7 - Ordinances; approval by mayor, Section 40:69A-149.8 - Mayoral appointments; municipal departments, Section 40:69A-149.8a - Ordinances validated, Section 40:69A-149.9 - Municipal administrator, Section 40:69A-149.10 - Officers and employees; appointment and recruitment by mayor, Section 40:69A-149.12 - Annual budget; preparation, Section 40:69A-149.14 - Municipal funds; disbursement, Section 40:69A-149.16 - Bond; treasurer and collector. Section 40:56-71.2 - "Downtown business improvement zone" designation. Municipalities and Counties Current as of February 19, 2021 | Updated by FindLaw Staff Welcome to FindLaw's Cases & Codes, a free source of state and federal court opinions, state laws, and the United States Code. Section 40:55D-149 - Submission by municipality prior to adoption of ordinance to county planning board. Section 40:48-4.10 - Findings, declarations. The application deadline is July 30 and the fee is $40. Section 40:9D-4 - Plan for proposed activities. Section 40:69A-205 - Adoption of schedule of installation of optional plan. Section 40:9B-1 - Establishment and maintenance of narcotic treatment programs and centers. Section 40:54-9 - Trustees; number, appointment and term; alternates, Section 40:54-11 - Trustees; corporate name; organization; officers; certificate; recording and filing, Section 40:54-12.1 - Purchases not requiring advertisements for bids, Section 40:54-12.2 - Free public library administrators, duties, Section 40:54-13 - Trustees; treasurer; bond and duties, Section 40:54-14 - Trustees; compensation; limitation on amount of indebtedness. Section 40:55D-145 - Characteristics of receiving zone. Section 40:55D-147 - Issuance of instruments, adoption of procedures relative to land use. Section 40:5-2.10c - Nonprofit hospital for health related community services; voluntary contributions. The Select Transaction screen will display. Section 40:48E-3 - Additional tax may be imposed. Section 40:45A-1 - Date, time of annual organization, reorganization meeting. Section 40:23-8.11 - Appropriations for services for certain persons. Section 40:62-109 - Commission to acquire water system; appointment; notice to other municipalities, Section 40:62-110 - Commission; composition; organization and compensation; treasurer's bond, Section 40:62-110.1 - Waterworks or water commission, membership, salaries, Section 40:62-112 - Joining after commission named, Section 40:62-113 - Negotiations; contract served on each municipality, Section 40:62-113.1 - Nonapplicability to Passaic Valley Water Commission, Section 40:62-114 - Condemnation; two or more plants; procedure if in different counties, Section 40:62-115 - Municipality may withdraw; expenses apportioned; no withdrawals after bonds issued, Section 40:62-117 - Expenses prior and subsequent to acquisition of plant, Section 40:62-118 - Property acquired by owner pending proceedings; acquisition; contract, Section 40:62-119 - After acquired property; condemnation, Section 40:62-120 - Removal of encumbrances; ascertainment of value of debt, Section 40:62-121 - Acquisition subject to encumbrances; bond issues; apportionment of indebtedness, Section 40:62-122 - Commission as fiscal agent; duties, Section 40:62-122.1 - Issuance of notes in anticipation of water rents, Section 40:62-123 - Apportionment of water rents; collection of prior arrearages, Section 40:62-124 - Collection of prior arrearages; water shut off, Section 40:62-125 - Supply of water to old customers; rates, Section 40:62-126 - Enlargement and extension of works; contracts for operation. U.s. Air Marshal SalaryMarshal salary in the United States is $88,863 as of September 26, 2022. Section 40:12-1 - Board of recreation commissioners; appointment, terms. Wall Township Police Department (732) 449-4500 - 2022 MADD Award 2 months ago On Thursday, December 1, 2022, Ptl. Law Enforcement Status Report . Section 40:23-8.9 - Volunteer fire companies; appropriation to aid; uniforms. Section 40:48F-4 - Forwarding of tax collected. Section 40:55D-11 - Contents of notice of hearing on application for development or adoption of master plan. Section 40:48-8.49 - Fees; collection, administration. Section 40:52-13 - Conditions for licensure. Section 40:55D-32 - Establish an official map, Section 40:55D-33 - Change or addition to map, Section 40:55D-34 - Issuance of permits for buildings or structures, Section 40:55D-35 - Building lot to abut street, Section 40:55D-37 - Grant of power; referral of proposed ordinance; county planning board approval. Section 40:45-7.1 - Municipal elections, certain, change of date permitted. Each day of class we will cover different areas for your exam. Section 40:48-1 - Ordinances; general purpose. Tom. Section 40:62-135.1 - Residency requirements for employees of commission operating certain water system. ; civil service applicable to employees, Section 40:60-25.27 - Autobus terminals; power to establish; leases; conditions, Section 40:60-25.28 - Use of municipal property, Section 40:60-25.29 - Lands declared to be acquired and used for a public purpose; eminent domain, Section 40:60-25.30 - Private property; purchase or condemnation; bonds; construction cost a municipal charge; fees; rules and regulations, Section 40:60-25.31 - Property acquired to be self-supporting and taxable, Section 40:60-25.32 - Annual appropriations, Section 40:60-25.33 - Cemeteries which are public nuisances; acquisition by municipalities and boards of education, Section 40:60-25.34 - Cemeteries detrimental to public health or morals; possession by municipality, Section 40:60-25.36 - Use for park, school purposes or other public uses, Section 40:60-25.37 - Proceedings where church or other corporation controlling cemetery is unable or refuses to convey, Section 40:60-25.40 - Removal of bodies and reburial; records and maps, Section 40:60-25.41 - Taking of possession, Section 40:60-25.42 - Commissioners to appraise land; notice, Section 40:60-25.43 - Cost of removal of bodies and of new site; lien; payment of difference to lot owners, Section 40:60-25.44 - Report; objections; notice, Section 40:60-25.45 - Objections to report, Section 40:60-25.46 - Borrowing money; bonds, Section 40:60-25.51 - Acquisition of land and buildings for use by municipality, county, State or United States; courts; lease, Section 40:60-25.52 - Financing of acquisition and improvement; acquisition of facilities for use by county or courts, Section 40:60-25.53 - Historic sites; acquisition and maintenance, Section 40:60-25.54 - Acquisition of lands for future school sites; approval, Section 40:60-25.55 - Future school sites; use for public purpose pending conveyance to board of education, Section 40:60-25.56 - Consideration for conveyance to board of education, Section 40:60-25.57 - Acquisition of real property for use by State-operated college of medicine or college of medicine and dentistry, Section 40:60-25.58 - Declaration of taking; filing; deposit of estimated value; surrender of possession; notice; amount of compensation, Section 40:60-25.59 - Relocation assistance program; services, Section 40:60-25.60 - Payments to displaced persons, business concern or nonprofit organization, Section 40:60-25.61 - Abandoned burying ground or cemetery; application for order vesting title in municipality, Section 40:60-25.62 - Inquiry to locate owner; certification, Section 40:60-25.63 - Vesting of title in municipality, Section 40:60-25.64 - Maintaining and preserving burying ground or cemetery; interments; disinterments, Section 40:60-28 - Sale of vacated street land; advertisement unnecessary, Section 40:60-28.1 - Riparian lands purportedly dedicated as street; sale when not needed, Section 40:60-32 - Vacation of lands dedicated to public use other than a public street; referendum, Section 40:60-33 - Referendum; notice and publication, Section 40:60-34 - Ballot; form and content, Section 40:60-35 - Fee restored to owner to be absolute, Section 40:60-36.1 - Lands restricted to beach and park purposes; retention or disposition; referendum; optional courses, Section 40:60-36.2 - Lands conveyed with conditions, limitations and restrictions; election on retention, Section 40:60-36.3 - Offer of reconveyance of lands conveyed with conditions and restrictions, Section 40:60-36.4 - Use of lands conveyed with conditions on refusal of offer of reconveyance, Section 40:60-40.6 - Reconveyance of unneeded lands to nonprofit hospital association, Section 40:60-40.7 - Persons whose residential improved property is to be acquired for highway or other public purposes; application to buy unneeded lands, Section 40:60-40.8 - Ordinance authorizing sale; price; terms and conditions, Section 40:60-40.9 - Contents of notice of pendency of ordinance resolution authorizing sale and conveyance; reversion of title, Section 40:60-41 - Public burial grounds devoted to other public uses; disinterment of bodies, Section 40:60-46 - Leasing municipally owned and operated casino and bathing establishment; referendum, Section 40:60-49 - Advertisement for bids; award, Section 40:60-49.1 - Lease of cultural centers; exemption of leasehold interest from taxation, Section 40:60-50 - Transfer of municipal property to federal government for national park, Section 40:60-51 - National park; referendum if voters protest. Section 40:69A-150 - Municipal elections; time. Section 40:10-11 - County, municipal appropriations for veterans' memorials, Section 40:10A-4 - Local historian; establishment of position by local government; reimbursement of expenses; appointment; term, Section 40:10A-5 - Vesting duties and responsibilities of local historian in chairperson of county cultural and heritage commission, Section 40:10A-6 - Local historian of county; assistance to municipalities, Section 40:10A-7 - Powers and responsibilities of local historian; annual report, Section 40:10A-8 - Employment of clerical assistants, Section 40:10B-2 - Legislative findings and declarations, Section 40:10B-3 - Historic cemeteries; restoration, maintenance or preservation by county or municipality; appropriations. Section 40:14A-7.1 - Audit of accounts of sewerage authority annually; filing, Section 40:14A-7.2 - Certified copies of bond resolutions and proceedings; filing, Section 40:14A-7.3 - Interest on deposits with sewerage authorities, Section 40:14A-7.4 - Service charge by sewerage authority for returned check. Title 40 - MUNICIPALITIES AND COUNTIES Title 40 - MUNICIPALITIES AND COUNTIES Browse as List Search Within Chapter 40:3 ( 3-1 3-24) Chapter 40:5 - CONTRIBUTIONS TO FIRST AID, AMBULANCE AND RESCUE SQUADS ( 5-2 5-19) Arrest: Taking physical custody of a person by lawful authority. Section 40:48-2.12s - Ordinances to regulate care, maintenance, security and upkeep of certain residential communities. Section 40:54D-25.1 - Transfer of assets, obligations, etc. Section 40:12-15.12 - Proposition authorizing levy to support arts and culture. This course is specifically designed to assist Non-Civil Service officers with promotional exams for all ranks. Promotion of members and officers in certain municipalities within grounds of certain camp meeting associations. Section 40:55D-150 - Formal comments, recommendation of county planning board. Section 40:56-45 - Payment of award; payment into court in certain cases, Section 40:56-46 - Title to vest in municipality upon payment; copy of award recorded; map filed, Section 40:56-47 - Appeal from award; procedure, Section 40:56-48 - Contracts with county for road improvements; assessments for benefits, Section 40:56-49 - Improvement of streets part of highway, Section 40:56-50 - Contract with state and county for road improvement, Section 40:56-51 - Payment of cost; assessments for benefits, Section 40:56-53 - House connections; cost assessed. Section 40:41A-145.3 - Selection from floor by county committee, Section 40:41A-146 - Vacancy of all or majority of offices of members of board; certification to and appointments to temporarily fill by Governor, Section 40:41A-147 - Appointees; qualifications, Section 40:41A-148 - Voters empowered to change term of office, Section 40:41A-149 - First election of board under adopted proposition, Section 40:42-1 - Municipality; municipal corporation, Section 40:42-4 - Municipalities given fullest powers, Section 40:43-1 - Every municipality a body corporate, Section 40:43-2 - Records of municipal incorporations prior to March 28, 1930, Section 40:43-3 - Records of municipal incorporations after March 28, 1930, Section 40:43-4 - Petition for; referendum, Section 40:43-5 - Adoption of changed name; copies filed, Section 40:43-6 - Effect of change on charter; ordinances, Section 40:43-7 - Actions and liabilities unaffected, Section 40:43-8 - Corporate title shortened, Section 40:43-9 - When effective; actions and liabilities unaffected; resolution published, Section 40:43-9.1 - No proceedings for new charter or form of government while other proceedings pending, Section 40:43-10 - Acquisition of property and liabilities; apportionment, Section 40:43-11 - Officers continued; new government established, Section 40:43-12 - Substitution of parties in legal action, Section 40:43-13 - Taxes and assessments; enforcement and collection, Section 40:43-14 - Election districts; election procedure, Section 40:43-16 - Organization of newly elected officers, Section 40:43-17 - Joint committee to divide property; appointment, Section 40:43-18 - Joint meeting; property and indebtedness apportioned, Section 40:43-19 - Quorum; procedure; clerk appointed, Section 40:43-20 - Joint committee; powers; subpoenas, Section 40:43-21 - Commissioners appointed where no agreement reached, Section 40:43-21.1 - Refunding pro rata share of indebtedness, Section 40:43-22 - Dissolution of municipality, Section 40:43-23 - Officers of old municipality residing in new municipality; how affected, Section 40:43-24 - Special acts repealed on incorporation; rights thereunder unaffected, Section 40:43-25 - Real estate includes sewers; indebtedness for; neither considered in apportionment, Section 40:43-25.1 - Newly created municipalities may adopt by reference ordinances of municipality of which it was a part, Section 40:43-25.2 - Adoption of ordinances by reference; procedure, Section 40:43-64.1 - Consolidation of borough under jurisdiction of Local Government Board with township not so functioning; release, Section 40:43-64.2 - Release of consolidating borough from liability to county for delinquent taxes; approval, Section 40:43-64.3 - Transfer of property and rights to township; liabilities; offices; adjustments, Section 40:43-65 - Consolidation of boroughs or other municipalities with cities lying in different counties, Section 40:43-66.36 - Legislative findings and declarations. Section 40:55D-13 - Notice concerning master plan. Section 40:81-5.1 - Staggered terms for municipal council members under municipal manager form of government. Section 40:62-104 - Supervision, operation and maintenance; collection of charges; contracts. Section 40:48-2.59 - Municipal powers to abate graffiti. The Facts of the Case In Williams v. County with tax base sharing option; exclusion of appropriations as county tax levy under Cap Law, Section 40:33-13.2m - Evaluation of county library system after rejection by voters or after reorganization; time interval after election. Municipalities and Counties New Jersey Statutes Title 40. New Jersey may have more current or accurate information. Section 40:48H-3 - Tax proceeds anticipated as dedicated revenues; appropriation. NJ Chief's of Police (Written & Oral Exams) Department run Promotional Exams McCann Testing IO Solutions IACP & More. Section 40:47-51 of the Revised Statutes saved from repeal 40A:14-105.1 - Volunteer firemen's song Section 40:27-6.7 - Report of approval or disapproval to local authority; time limit; extension, Section 40:27-6.8 - Resolution vesting power to review and approve subdivisions and site plans with director, Section 40:27-6.9 - Appeal by aggrieved persons; hearing; decision, Section 40:27-6.10 - Filing copy of planning and zoning ordinances with boards; notice of proposed revision of ordinance, Section 40:27-6.11 - Application to board of adjustment involving land fronting county road, adjoins other county lands or is within 200 feet of municipal boundary; notice, Section 40:27-6.12 - Continuation of board's authority to review and approve land subdivision, Section 40:27-6.13 - Notice of hearing on granting variance or establishing or amending official municipal map; contents, Section 40:27-8 - Existing boards continued in conformity with this chapter, Section 40:28-1 - Lands and buildings for airport purposes; acquisition, Section 40:28-2 - Lease of airport to state, Section 40:28-3 - Power to construct, operate, lease and regulate airports, Section 40:28-4 - Bonds for airport purposes; maturity, Section 40:29-1 - Appropriation to assist federal government in building bulkheads, Section 40:29-10 - Beach protection; municipal co-operation, Section 40:29-11 - Approval of plans; county to control work, Section 40:32-2.1 - Acquisition and maintenance of lands and interests for park, recreation, welfare and hospital purposes, Section 40:32-2.2 - Resolution of board; title, Section 40:32-2.3 - Lands, buildings and structures, Section 40:32-2.4 - Budget; limitations on appropriation, Section 40:32-2.6 - Constabulary; establishment; members, Section 40:32-2.7 - Arrests without warrant, Section 40:32-6 - Acquisition and preservation of historical buildings and data, Section 40:32-7.6 - Counties not having park commission; acquisition of golf course and other recreational facilities, Section 40:32-7.7 - Maintenance, improvement and operation; buildings, structures and equipment, Section 40:32-7.9 - Supervision and control, Section 40:32-7.10 - Appropriation by board of chosen freeholders, Section 40:32-7.11 - Fees, rents and charges, Section 40:32-7.12 - Rules and regulations, Section 40:32-7.13 - Actions for violations; enforcement of rules, Section 40:32-7.14 - Fines and penalties; disposition, Section 40:32-7.15 - Lease of lands and buildings acquired for public golf course and other recreational purposes, Section 40:32-7.17 - Power conferred as additional, Section 40:32-14 - Veterans' housing projects; acquisition and use, Section 40:32-16 - Operation and use of veterans' housing projects, Section 40:32-18 - Disposition of property when no longer needed for housing purposes, Section 40:32-19 - Appropriation for operating, Section 40:33-1 - County library; establishment, Section 40:33-3 - Petition for submission, Section 40:33-4 - Ballot; form and content, Section 40:33-5 - Results canvassed and returned; vote required for adoption, Section 40:33-5.1 - Establishment by resolution in counties under 150,000. nj title 40 police promotions. Section 40:23-6.52 - Acceptable forms of payment for road opening permits. Section 40:48C-1.5 - City of second class located in certain counties; imposition of surcharge. A county or municipal appointing authority may elect to provide, through adoption of an ordinance or resolution, as appropriate, that employees in police and fire titles may exercise previously held demotional rights, pursuant to 4A:8-2.2 (f) against employees in any layoff unit in the jurisdiction. You already receive all suggested Justia Opinion Summary Newsletters. TO ACCESS THE PROMOTION SCREEN From the Menu Bar, select New Transaction. Section 40:66A-7.1 - Audit of accounts annually; filing. Section 40:43-66.42 - Election of members of consolidation commission. Section 40:48-2.64 - Effective date; applicability. ; ordinance authorized, Section 40:48-2.13a - Municipal ordinance requiring solid waste removal, Section 40:48-2.14 - Cost for removal; lien. Firmware version 2.40 for the Nikon Z50 is now available to . Section 40:48H-2 - Municipalities permitted to impose tax on rental of motor vehicles; definitions. Section 40:48-4.12 - Municipalities to provide service. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. Section 40:66A-13 - Negotiability of bonds or obligations. Section 40:48-1.2a - Immunity from prosecution; certain circumstances. Section 40:14-3 - Improvement of waterways; joint contracts. Section 40:62A-2 - Establishment and maintenance of commissary; cost; profits, Section 40:63-31.1 - Sale or lease of municipal facilities to privately-owned utility; conditions, Section 40:63-31.2 - Construction of incidental facilities for sale or lease to privately-owned utility; assessment of cost, Section 40:63-31.3 - Refund or credit to property owners, Section 40:63-40 - Purchase of lateral sewers by municipality; contracts validated; bonds, Section 40:63-68 - Contracts with other municipalities generally, Section 40:63-69 - Definitions; "joint meeting" ; "improvement or works", Section 40:63-70 - Construction of improvements or works; sewers connecting therewith, Section 40:63-71 - Surveys and maps; municipalities may enter on land to inspect, Section 40:63-72 - Surveys and maps filed with municipal clerks; costs estimated, Section 40:63-73 - Surveys and maps; consideration of by each municipality, Section 40:63-74 - Rejection by municipality; notice to interested municipalities, Section 40:63-75 - Approval by municipality; resolution; notice to interested municipalities, Section 40:63-76 - Notice of intention to make, Section 40:63-77 - Contents of notice; objections to ordinance filed; procedure, Section 40:63-78 - When failure of notice not to invalidate proceedings, Section 40:63-79 - Joint contract; ordinances authorizing, Section 40:63-80 - Contents of ordinance; capacity, use, cost and expense apportioned, Section 40:63-81 - Joint contract; execution; recording, Section 40:63-82 - Proceedings after joint contract to be by resolution, Section 40:63-83 - Joint contract; modification; supplemental contract for future management, Section 40:63-84 - Separate municipal action relative to joint system; local connecting sewers, Section 40:63-85 - Joint meeting; organization; officers; vacancies; duration of power, Section 40:63-86 - Officers; oaths and bonds, Section 40:63-87 - Voting by municipalities, quorum; specific concurrence required, Section 40:63-88 - Exclusive powers except in money matters; actions by joint committee; benefits to accrue to all, Section 40:63-89 - Joint meeting; rooms and buildings, Section 40:63-90 - Reorganization when work completed; maintenance and operation, Section 40:63-91 - Acquisition of land; purchase, Section 40:63-92 - Condemnation of lands; procedure, Section 40:63-93 - Condemnation; right of entry upon appointment of commissioners, Section 40:63-94 - Contracts for improvements or works, Section 40:63-96 - Repair, rebuilding and operation; cost; provisions in contract for, Section 40:63-97 - Increase in capacity before or during construction, Section 40:63-98 - Sewers; disposal plants enlarged; approval of department of health; contract for; cost, Section 40:63-99 - Construction in other municipalities; sewers to tidewater, Section 40:63-100 - Discharge in tidewater; consent of department of health, Section 40:63-101 - Use of streets in other municipalities, Section 40:63-102 - Agreement as to terms; procedure where parties cannot agree, Section 40:63-103 - Change of grade of streets in other municipalities; regulation of work; restoration of pavements, Section 40:63-104 - Location of disposal plants in other municipalities; application, Section 40:63-105 - Rejection of application; appeal, Section 40:63-106 - Remedy of dissenting citizens if application granted, Section 40:63-106.1 - Contracts with Passaic valley sewerage commissioners for sewage disposal, Section 40:63-107 - Use of improvements or works by other municipalities; contracts; terms, Section 40:63-109 - Supplemental contract to secure additional accommodations, Section 40:63-110 - Payment for use of joint systems; bonds, Section 40:63-111 - Participating municipalities may be admitted to membership in joint meeting, Section 40:63-112 - Joint meeting to designate portion of system each may use, Section 40:63-113 - Disposal of sewage for others; contracts, Section 40:63-114 - Financial records; monthly statements to participating municipalities, Section 40:63-115 - Cost and expenses of improvements or works apportioned, Section 40:63-116 - Annual expenses; estimated and apportioned; additional payments if necessary, Section 40:63-117 - Assessment for benefits; commissioners; appointment and powers; vacancies, Section 40:63-118 - Assessment for benefits; limitation on extent, Section 40:63-119 - Commissioners; oath and duties; assessment proportionate to benefits; excess apportioned between municipalities, Section 40:63-120 - Assessments for connecting sewers; abutting property, Section 40:63-121 - Assessments on property not directly affected, Section 40:63-122 - Report of commissioners; hearing; report final when confirmed by court, Section 40:63-123 - Compensation of commissioners; costs of proceedings, Section 40:63-124 - Maps and proceedings valid despite misrecitals or other mistakes, Section 40:63-125 - Assessment for benefits; in each municipality; provision for in joint contract; procedure, Section 40:63-126 - Assessments to be a lien; collection, Section 40:63-127 - Assessments for benefits need not be made; municipality to pay whole amount, Section 40:63-128 - Bonds where no assessment for benefits, Section 40:63-129 - Injuries to adjacent land owners from joint sewage disposal plant; action for damages, Section 40:63-130 - Temporary obligations to finance work; renewal, Section 40:63-131 - Renewal of temporary obligations; assessments paid in; disposition; bonds for amount unpaid, Section 40:63-132 - Bonds and temporary obligations; general provisions; amount limited, Section 40:63-133 - Excess of cost over assessments for benefits; bonds; proceeds, Section 40:63-134 - Bonds for construction and maintenance, Section 40:63-135 - Bonds; general provisions, Section 40:63-136 - Bonds and other obligations; payment of principal and interest, Section 40:63-137 - Provisions for payment in lieu of bond issue, Section 40:63-138 - Actions brought by joint meeting; benefits to accrue to all municipalities, Section 40:64-1 - Shade tree commission; members; appointment, Section 40:64-2 - Commissioners' term lengths; alternates, Section 40:64-3 - Organization; salaries of officers and employees, Section 40:64-6 - Performance of duties of shade tree commission by park commission, Section 40:64-7 - Existing commissioners continued; duties and powers; funds, contracts and employees, Section 40:64-8 - Cost of trees and improvements; charge and lien on property; exceptions, Section 40:64-9 - Planting and removal of trees; notice and hearing; emergencies, Section 40:64-10 - Public improvements affecting trees; consent of commission; county park commissions unaffected, Section 40:64-11 - Annual appropriation; estimate; amount, Section 40:64-12 - Penalty; jurisdiction of courts; copy of ordinance as evidence, Section 40:64-13 - Disposition of penalties, Section 40:64-14 - No liability for death or injury, Section 40:65-1 - Ordinances for cost; conformance to grade; exception, Section 40:65-2 - Notice of improvement; contents, Section 40:65-4 - Publication of notice where service impossible, Section 40:65-6 - Notice of improvement unnecessary where notice of ordinance given, Section 40:65-7 - Municipality to make improvement on neglect of owner; contracts, Section 40:65-8 - Costs; record filed; apportionment and assessment; notice to owners, Section 40:65-9 - Assessments a lien; collection and enforcement; installments; errors immaterial, Section 40:65-9.1 - Repair or reconstruction of sidewalks at public expense, Section 40:65-9.3 - Appropriations and procedure, Section 40:65-9.4 - Repair or reconstruction of curbs at public expense, Section 40:65-9.6 - Appropriations and procedure, Section 40:65-11 - Municipality may make annual contract for sidewalks, Section 40:65-12 - Removal of grass, weeds, snow and ice; procedure upon failure.
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